Constitution of the South Union Singing Convention
(now Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention)

Adopted July 6, 1901

Preamble: In order to bring about a more perfect union between the lovers and users of sacred music, to revive and establish the old an time honored songs of Zion, cause a return to the first principles of Sacred music, kill out denominational prejudice, destroy vocal sectarianism, create a greater vocal interest among all classes and honor God with the gifts He has bestowed upon us through the theme of Sacred songs, we the members of the South Union Singing Convention do ordain and establish the following constitution and by laws.


Rule 1. The time and place of meeting of this convention shall be annually and at such place as may be selected by a majority vote of all delegates present.

Rule 2. Any one may become a member of this body who is a member of any vocal class, or club, or is otherwise interested in the advancement of sacred music, regardless of his or her religious opinions or connections.

Rule 3. Each club, class, or choir belonging to the convention shall be entitled to three delegates.

Rule 4. No two successive sessions of the convention shall be held at the same place except when there is no call for it elsewhere.

Rule 5. All business of the body shall be decided by a majority vote of all delegates present.

Rule 6. No member shall address the convention except they first rise to their feet and receive permission from the chair.

Rule 7. It shall be the duty of all members to observe good order during the sessions of this body, and any one who may act otherwise shall be subject to reproof from the chairman.

Rule 8. Any member who may seek to burlesque or intimidate any leader or speaker while on the floor shall by a majority vote be expelled from the convention during that session.

Rule 9. No book shall be used in this convention except The Sacred Harp or Southern Harmony.

Rule 10. No one shall be refused the use of either four or seven notes.

Rule 11. Any Club, Class, Choir or body of singers may enter this convention by first agreeing to abide by the above constitution and rules of order.

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