Rules of Decorum of the East Texas Musical Convention
(now East Texas Singing Convention)

1. When the President calls the house to order, silence must prevail.

2. Members wishing to address the Convention shall rise to their feet and address the President, and in speaking shall use no profane or indecent language which may reflect on the Convention or any of its members.

3. But one member shall address the House at the same time. Should more than one rise, the President shall decide who is entitled to the floor.

4. No resolution or motion shall be considered until it has a second, and in any important motion, such as printing the minutes, time and place of meeting, &c. before putting the vote, the President shall ask if the House is ready for the question.

5. In speaking, members may reprobate the consequence of any measure proposed, but not the motives of any members offering the same.

6. Alterations may be made of these By-laws by a majority of all members present.

Last Revised 4/3/2021