Constitution of the East Texas Musical Convention
(now East Texas Singing Convention)

We, the vocalist of the above named Convention, feeling it the duty of the present age to instill greater effort in advancing the cause of sacred music; believing it essential to the prosperity of the church, and the social well-being of the rising generation; that it is one of the Highest attainments of the human mind, well calculated to harmonize the conflicting elements of the human mind; Producing a oneness among all classes, and as such, worthy of our best efforts for its advancement, do adopt this the following Constitution.

1. This Convention shall be known as the East Texas Singing Convention.

2. The officers of this Convention shall consist of: a President, Vice-President, and Secretary, who shall be elected at each annual meeting and shall serve until their successors are elected. In case of the absence of the President, it shall be the duty of the Vice-President to preside, and in the absence of both, the Convention shall have power to elect a President Protem.

3. The Convention shall be opened each day by singing and prayer.

4. Any person may become a member of this Convention by subscribing to this Constitution and by laws.

5. The Convention shall meet annually on Wednesday at 2 p.m. before the fourth Sabbath in July at such place as may be designated by the Convention.

6. Any member failing to attend two annual meetings of this Convention, if he can do so without... [remainder of #6 was worn off from the bottom of the page]

7. This Constitution may be amended by two thirds of the members present at any regular meeting.

Last Revised 4/3/2021