By Laws and Rules for the Government of the East Texas Musical Convention
(now East Texas Singing Convention)

1. Duties of the President: It shall be the duty of the President to preserve and enforce order; to call the Convention to order; to fill by appointment all vacant offices, and to appoint all committees necessary to facilitate the business of the Convention.

2. Duties of the Vice President: He shall assist the President in the discharge of his duties and in the absence of the President, he shall preside.

3. Duties of the Secretary: It shall be the duties of the Secretary to keep a record of all the proceedings of the Convention necessary to be written; to read all communication received, to receive all moneys for publishing minutes, &c. that may be received, and to furnish a copy if called on, a copy of the minutes for publication.

4. Duties of Members: It shall be the duty of members present to be in silence while business of the Convention is being transacted; to attend the meetings of the Convention and obey the Constitution and By Laws of same. Any member who shall be guilty of any immoral conduct disgracing to himself or this Convention, or proof of same, shall be expelled from it.

5. There shall be an arranging Committee appointed by the President, whose duty to the Convention is, report the order of business... [remainder of #5 was worn off from the bottom of the page]

Last Revised 4/3/2021